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Wide Range of Cargo Services

General Cargo

We accept a wide range of products like textiles, spare parts, electronics, accessories, personal effects, etc. under general cargo mode with a reliab...

Perishable Cargo

We transport all kinds of perishable shipments like Fruits & Vegetables (PEP), Flowers (PEF), FISH/Sea Food (PES), Meat (PEM). With our state-of-the-a...

Valuable Cargo

At Air Arabia Cargo we understand that some cargo are of high importance and need special handling. We have in depth knowledge regarding this process ...

Courier Cargo

With the support of our highly experienced team we offer reliable airport-to-airport transportation. We provide custom services to serve all express d...

Arabian Express Services (AES)

AES is a product which confirms to travel on the booked flight. This service is offered to select sectors and service can be availed by contacting


In partnership with Universal Postal Union (UPU), Air Arabia Cargo offers fast and reliable transportation options to mail products within the company...

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